Commissions and Mailing Lists.

General / 25 April 2019

Hey Everyone, 

At the moment, my commissions list is closed because I am hard at work colouring some books for Red5 comics. 

But, since I am getting a lot of requests from people asking when I will be open again, I have decided to start a mailing list. The sole purpose of the list it to let people know when my commission list is opening (so they can get in first!) and also to let people know about new prints I am putting up etc. Your mailbox won't be filled with weekly "buy my product now" emails - just short messages to let you know when I am available for commision. I can also promise that I will not be sharing your email address with anybody, ever.

If you are interested in joining my mailing list, send me an email at and I will gladly ad you to the list. 

thanks for reading!

Hey. A Blog!.. Awesome

General / 04 March 2018

I only just found this feature.. no to work out what to do with it....